Measuring Whether You Have a Pest Problem

Any building will have pests if there is food and shelter available. The key is to keep the pest population low. The best way to accomplish this is by monitoring your property regularly. Knowing what type of pest you have, how many and where they are located will help you take action quickly when they start to become a problem. 

We all know that pests can make working in a building difficult and unappealing, but identifying which pests are making themselves at home in your facility, how many there are, and where they’re living can make management much more manageable. Pest management starts with accurate identification of the problem so you know what kind of pest you need to address. Once you know what kind of pest it is, you can begin planning how to manage it best on your premises.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites, and they can be a nuisance in homes. Carpenter ants build their nests underground and can be difficult to detect. Here are a few tips to help identify which kind of pest control is needed.

Check the exterior of your home for evidence of Carpenter ants. These pests will leave trails behind as they travel from one area to another, and their droppings will contain bits of food that can help identify their presence. 

Look for nests; Carpenter ants build these structures in trees, under eaves, or in other sheltered areas. These nests can be difficult to spot, but they may contain mounds of soil that resemble a small hill. 

If you find evidence of Carpenter ants outside your home, consider using an insecticide that is labeled specifically for this type of pest. Phantom pest control will help identify the pests and get rid of them safely.


The most common pests in homes are cockroaches. They come in many different colors and can be very difficult to identify. However, there are some key identifying features that will help you determine which type of cockroach you have. 

One of the easiest ways to identify a cockroach is by its dropping. All cockroaches produce droppings, but some produce larger amounts than others. Droppings can also tell you a lot about the diet of the cockroach and how healthy it is. For example, if the cockroach is consuming a lot of sugar or starch-based food, its droppings will be enriched with these nutrients. 

Other identifying features of cockroaches include their antennae and spines. Antennae are used for sensing movement and prey, while spines protect them from predators.

Rats and mice

Rodents are small mammals that are common in homes and businesses. They can cause damage to property by eating food, destroying property, or spreading disease. Mice are also common pests and can be destructive as well as carriers of diseases. Rats and mice are common pests that leave a distinctive odor when they are present. If you think there may be a rat or mouse in your home, it is important to take action to remove them. Phantom pest control is effective at controlling both rodents and mice because it eliminates them without causing harm to humans or the environment.

Bed bugs

One way to identify pests is to look for their physical signs. For example, bed bugs leave behind fecal spots on mattresses and box springs. They also secrete a sticky substance from their abdomens that can be found on walls and furniture. Another way to identify pests is by looking for their food sources. Bed bugs like to feed on blood, so they will likely leave bloody marks on surfaces where they have been feeding. They may also leave droppings that contain eggs and larvae. If you think you may have bed bugs, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible.


Silverfish are an invasive species that can cause damage to property and food. They are also known for being pesky pests, so it is important to identify which silverfish you have if you want to get rid of them. Here are 4 tips for identifying silverfish: 

-Look for small, shiny insects with a metallic sheen.

-Silverfish like warm, dry conditions and typically live in dark places, such as attics or crawl spaces.

-They leave behind a slimy trail when they move around.

-If you find silverfish evidence on your property, contact Phantom pest control to take care of the problem.


There are many different types of spiders, and identifying them can be difficult. Some common types include black widow and brown recluse spiders. Other common types that may cause problems in homes include the baby boa and the hobo spider. In order to identify which type of spider is causing a problem, it is important to examine the evidence left behind. This may include webs, egg sacs, or body parts.

Household spiders are common in homes across the United States and can often be identified by their webbing and markings. However, there are some spiders that can be difficult to identify, such as the recluse spider. If you think you have a recluse spider in your home, it is important to take steps to identify and control the pest.

Having pests checked by a pest control company

Many people are not aware that pests can invade their homes in ways that they do not expect. One such pest is the spider. Spiders can come into your home on objects that they find, or they may crawl into the home through an open door or window. If you are concerned about the presence of spiders, it is important to have your house checked for them by a professional pest control company. Phantom pest control companies use advanced detection equipment to identify pests and their habitats, so you can be confident that any pests that are found will be eradicated quickly and without any harmful side effects.


It is important to measure the extent of your pest problem and take appropriate steps to address it. Phantom pest control can help you identify and treat any pests, but you must also be vigilant in monitoring your surroundings and taking appropriate actions when needed.

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