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What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are large, brownish-black insects that nest in damp, decaying wood by creating tunnels and colonies within the wood. They are most commonly found under decks, porches, doors, windows, and roof eaves. The most crucial step in eradicating carpenter ants, is to identify whether it is really carpenter ants you are dealing with, or termites, that do similar damage. This is why you need a proper pest control provider to examine, identify and eliminate the carpenter ant problem.
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What are some obvious signs of carpenter ant infestations?

The presence of carpenter ants is not always apparent; you need to keep a constant watch for signs. If your house or business has wooden boards, wooden floors and walls, wooden roofs or any article made of wood – black carpenter ants are very likely to build their colonies inside of them. Some signs to are:

You’ve noticed carpenter ants crawling around your home or business
You’ve observed holes and gaps in which carpenter ants can crawl out of
You’ve seen a sawdust-like substance on and around the wood
You can hear a dim rustling inside the walls
You can see clear-cut, spherical galleries on wooden surfaces

If you notice any of the, there is a high probability that you are sharing your home with a colony of carpenter ants. If you witness any of these signs, it is vital to call in a professional to assess the situation immediately. Phantom Pest Control technicians can rid your home or office of carpenter ants forever.

Why DIY Methods Won’t Work

Simply knowing how to kill carpenter ants will not erase the long-term risk of them returning. Home remedies may appear successful, however, this will not eradicate the entire carpenter ant population in your home or business. When it comes to carpenter ants, homemade solutions have been proven ineffective.

Why You Should Call A Pest Control Specialist To Kill Carpenter Ants

Once you understand that the black carpenter ant occupies your home or business, it’s best to call a pest control specialists to completely rid the dwelling of all trace of ants and eliminate the risk of reinfestation. With the latest technology and proven methods, we exterminate carpenter ants quickly and efficiently. You end up saving money in the long run by hiring a Phantom Technician, because you are saving the wood structures from impending disaster. At Phantom Pest Control, our services are fast and accurate. All technicians are authorized and licensed, and entirely focused on your convenience and safety.

Call Phantom Today Eliminate Your Carpenter Ant Colonies

With the best technical equipment and expert advice, your issues regarding carpenter ants can now be fully solved. We give an additional service of instructing you on sealing pest entry points, proper food storage, trimming off branches of trees that lean on your house, and keeping the floors clean and dry, block pathways that any new ones may enter in the future.

Dust Material Application

This is the method of using the weapon of carpenter ants against them. A dust material is used to track and cover the areas infected by black carpenter ant nesting, and we also bring a pesticidal dust bulb to find the carpenter ants’ hiding places. The treatment takes place both inside and outside of the wood surface so that not a single spot would be left out.

Perimeter Treatments

This is a treatment done using non-repellent materials to the carpenter ant-affected areas. This treatment would be applied not only to the places carpenter ants were found, but also to the crevices, holes and niches of the house or building to prevent future carpenter ant entrances.

Nest Detection And Treatment

Detecting carpenter ant nests and treating them is a specialized area that can only be successfully performed by an experienced pest control professional. By identifying the carpenter ant colony following the nesting patterns, our experts would apply necessary treatments to each of them to kill off nest by nest till the whole colony is diminished. This cannot be done without special pest control equipment.

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