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What is pest exclusion work?

Pest exclusion is the method of “excluding” pests from your life. Our trained professionals for pest exclusion would identify possible places from where pests could enter and would seal those pest pressure points. Mainly, this is very effective in commercial pest control projects. Most of the commercial buildings, either large or small in size – have many crevices, niches, holes, and cracks that would allow the pests to enter. These could be the reason why none of the pest control methods you tried so far failed to give fruitful results. Our pest exclusion service would function in three significant steps.

Proper Inspection

The pest exclusion experts in Phantom would come over to your commercial building, residence or office and scrutinize the entrances and exits of pests first. Most of the time, schools, offices, restaurants and hospitals are filled with places like garbage chutes, drains, sewage pipes and air ducts from where pests like roaches, carpenter ants, rodents and flies are most likely to enter. The pest exclusion services by Phantom include an inspection visit to check these entrances.

Pest Exclusion Work

Our pest control experts specialize in proper exclusion work, then make sure that the pressure points of pests are properly sealed. The necessary restructuring would be done to prevent pests from entering. Our pest exclusion services are focused on making the buildings unfavourable for pests, so they cannot follow their trails into your building. Exclusion work is the second most important step in successful Integrated Pest Management.

Reducing the Chances of Recurrence

By techniques such as correct food disposal, effective compost management, and removing places where water, dirt and dampness can gather – our pest exclusion specialists would make life harder for the pest populations. We will be able to identify areas that require attention in order to eliminating every place of breeding and habitation that would drive the pests away from the premises.

Drawbacks of DIY Remedies

Most of the home remedies that people try by themselves fail to give proper results. This can be due to inefficiency in applying them, or the mere short-lasting effect of the remedy itself. Methods such as vacuuming, steaming, washing, using domestic pesticides and setting insect traps alone might not work because of the large density of the infestation. Without exclusion work, the living population will continue to enter the facility by following each others pheromones. Our pest exclusion work provides a competent answer to this to stop the .

Benefits of Pest Exclusion Services

Pest exclusion work has many benefits, both to you and the environment. Phantom pest exclusion services uses pesticides as a last source. By following the proper IPM – Integrated pest management steps, its always ideal to complete exclusion work as this method would not inflict any harm to the environment and your facility.

A commercial building, usually a place where pest exclusion services are very beneficial as the building is always filled with people, coming and going. Applying pest control pesticides require people to evacuate for a period of time for their health and safety. Using pest exclusion services, instead of such chemical treatments, can always prove to be more productive, safe and human-friendly.

In the long run, pest exclusion work is the most cost effective way of excluding pests from your facility. We guarantee productive results as one of the leading providers of pest exclusion services in Vancouver. With our pest exclusion work, the nightmare of a pest infestation can be resolved in a quick and efficient way. It may cost your business and household a lot of time, money to stop a pest problem. By completing the proper exclusion work you will put a permanent stop to your existing pest problem. Pest exclusion services are not limited to commercial buildings and is recommended to be done on houses, storage areas, boats and RV’s .

Residential Pest Control Specialist Doing Checkups

Our Pest Exclusion Services

Techniques of Innovation :

Seal door gaps and window gaps to stop rodents from entering.
Seal rodent points of entry around the pipes.
Look for cracks, crevices and damages in walls and seal them.
Seal openings on the roof or ceiling from which pests could enter.

In addition to these services offered by our exclusion experts, we also provide a range of other services that may be beneficial for your facility. Exclusion work is one of our favourite methods of pest control as it has always proven to show quick results.

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Year-round Pest Exclusion Services with Phantom

In addition to the latest technological pest exclusion work we provide, our customers also have a big influence in making their surroundings inhabitable for pests. The year-round pest exclusion services we provide will ensure that you have a building that is free of pests throughout the year.

With Phantom pest control exclusion services, your property is given good care, and the risk of pests would undoubtedly be eradicated. We are ready to offer you the option of best pest exclusion work in Vancouver. With the excellent service and professional advice, you can soon turn your facility from a pest-infested property to a safe, sanitary one. Call Phantom Pest Solutions today for an estimate and to schedule an appointment.

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