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Why is Rodent Control Necessary?

Despite their small build and innocent appearance, rodents are detrimental to any property therefore it is important to control their presence as soon as possible. Rodents can damage the foundation of your property, chew your clothes, and spread diseases like Salmonella, Yellow Fever, Rat-Bite Fever, Plague and Hantavirus. They also walk over your equipment, furniture, bedding, food, kitchenware and leave no trace behind. Rodents are common around households because they are typically following food and water. From tree holes, garages, storerooms, basements, sinks, sewage, and roofs – rodents can be practically everywhere in your house. Their urine and droppings will fill your home with a stale, pungent smell and could cause diseases that have a long recovery time, which include vaccinations and medications to cure.

Drawbacks of DIY Rodent Control

If you type “how to control rodents” into Google, several home remedies will show up. Supermarkets sell various products ranging from naphthalene balls and essential oils to snap traps and glue traps for a few bucks, however, none of these rodents control methods give you a guarantee that your rodents issue has been eliminated. None of these rodent control methods evaluate the rodent population or give a full record of how many are removed or how many remain, and where. If you have children or pets at home, the risk of them swallowing mothballs, mouse repellent poisons or getting caught in mouse traps is very high. These are only some of the major reasons why you should rely on a rodent control professional to eradicate the presence of the rodents from your home. The good news is the best rodent control professionals are now with Phantom Pest Solutions, ready with the latest technology, timely evaluations, and the lowest prices on the market. Phantom Pest Solutions is here to provide outstanding pest control services, and when it comes to rodent control strategies – no one is as organized, experienced, and successful as we are.

Rodent Control Methods

Rodent control is a multi-dimensional process. Simply removing rodents will not prevent them from coming back. Phantom Pest Control Solutions examines and evaluates your living space before taking the necessary steps.

Rodents do not take up much space, often squeezing into small areas. We take the time to inspect the area in order to find loopholes within any space.

After inspection, our rodent control experts will identify the type of rodent, the density of its population, breeding locations, and the areas in which they are entering the building. Upon completion of this initial step, Phantom Pest Specialists will follow up by rearranging the environmental settings to be unfavorable for rodents, for example; by sealing their entrances, changing landscapes, changing food disposal techniques and tracking their pathways.

Phantom Pest Control would then use the necessary chemical and technological pest control methods. Electronic traps and chemical treatments may be used to control the infestation. The best thing about Phantom Pest Control is that we use the latest technology to control the rodent population in your home or business. Electronic remote sensor technology, ultrasonic technology, and other effective methods of prevention are just some of factors that elevate Phantom Pest Control to a much higher standard than other pest control companies.

Prevention of Rodents in the Future

Even after the complete removal of rodents, we give you expert advice on how to recognize a rodents presence and how to avoid them from coming back. Household habits, food disposal habits and some of the rodent-inviting structures of the house would be changed for the better. We would give you a general overview of how to control rodents on your own.

Wild rats can be dangerous, as they have sharp teeth, unhealthy fur and viral urine and feces. For every one rodent you can see, there are 4 more that you are probably not seeing. Therefore, it is necesary to hire a proper rodent control expert to take care of the problem.

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Rodent Control With Phantom

Phantom Pest Control is your answer to rodents.

Rodent control is essential if you are living with the constant risk of disease brought on by rodents. Allow Phantom Pest Control to come to the rescue and save yourself from all the stress and trouble of setting rat traps. Most people view the removal of rodents using rat traps as an inhumane control method, as it gives the creatures a slow torturous death.

Phantom Pest Control does not use outdated rodent removal methods like that. We use the latest methods and technology. The environmental harm done by the rodent control strategies are less than they used to be. Our rodent control methods are only performed after keeping you and your loved ones safe. Every rodent control method we use has been tested to be harmless for humans and pets, and we undergo a vigorous cleaning process after any chemicals usage so has there is the smallest impact as possible on you, your pets, and your family. At Phantom Pest Control, our goal is to remove all rodents safely, ethically, and effortlessly from your space.

Phantom Vancouver Pest Control does not use outdated rodent removal methods like that. As we use the latest technology, the environmental harm done by the rodents control strategies would be way lesser than it used to be. All of our rodent control methods are performed only after keeping you and your loved ones in a safe place. Every rodent control method we use has been tested to be harmless for humans and pets, and we undertake a complete cleaning process each time after we use chemicals that might have even the least impact on you. At Phantom Vancouver Pest Control, our goal is to safely, ethically, and effortlessly remove all rodents from your space.

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