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What is a fly?

Vancouver Fly Control ServicesFlies are insects that have one pair of wings and are common all around the world. It is important to note that the presence of flies often does not reflect the cleanliness of the area. Flies may still be present within a clean, disinfected area. Whether it’s a housefly, fruit fly, sandfly, cluster fly, bluebottle fly, horse fly, flesh fly, drain fly or any other pestering variety that you are dealing with; Phantom Fly Control Vancouver will offer the perfect solution to remove these unwanted guests from your facility.

What do flies do?

Fly infestations should be taken care of as earliest as possible.

  • Their potential to cause harm should not be underestimated as flies are active carriers of several diseases that are very harmful to humans. Some common examples include Salmonella, Thyroid Fever, Cholera, Rotavirus and Dysentery.
  • Flies may contaminate food and are often associated with uncleanliness when it comes to workplaces and homes.
  • The buzzing noise of flies may create stress and a sense of dicomfort for those experiencing the nuisance.

Why Do Home-Made Fly Control Methods Mostly Fail?

Home remedies for controlling flies such as aerosol sprays, candles, antibacterial liquids and liquid flytraps are very common, but the problem keeps persisting. The relief you can get by these fly control methods is very short-lived. Once the sprays dry off, candles burn out, or flytraps stop being effective; flies would soon start buzzing around again. This is where the necessity of calling a fly control professional emerges. From identifying the type of flies you have in your place to eliminating them, we have a highly trustworthy and proven fly control service.

Fly Control with Phantom Pest Solutions

With our professional fly control solution, you can get rid of a fly infestation of any scale by following four easy steps. We offer the best deals in Vancouver for our excellent fly control solutions, and you would get the job done for a very affordable price. Every passing day we only make our service better, and a simple phone call you make to Phantom would be the ultimate fly control solution.

Phantom Pest Solution’s Fly Control

To start the fly control plan, we first look at where the fly problem is occurring and discover the breeding sites. Next, we simply implement effective and eco-friendly control solutions that target at both larval and adult stages of flies. Our methods include a variety of strategies to eliminate your fly issue, such as:

  • Fly Exclusion Solutions
  • Insect Light Traps
  • Liquidized Fly Control Solution
  • Bait
  • Sanitation

Fly Control After Care

Our fly control methods have been proven to give immediate results and we often get rid of the flies in one go. If the infestation is heavy, however, we have to do repetitive treatments to ensure the problem is resolved once and for all. We also take the time to educate our clients on how to keep flies off their premises.

Fly Control for Indoor Fly Infestations

Fly control strategies vary from sealing the entrance way of flies, destroying their breeding place, to further upgrading sanitation levels. As for the fly population already roaming around, we have effective fly control solution options such as fly baits and liquid applications. Insecticides would only be used in severe cases of fly infestations.

Fly Control Insect Light Trap

The fly control insect light trap is an energy-saving, cost-effective, and easily insatiable fly control method used by Phantom. The LED technology and fly light insect glue boards are both efficient ways to trap flies.

Fly Control for Outdoor Fly Infestations

Proper outdoor sanitation is key when it comes to keeping the flies out. Controlling fly infestations can be as simple as keeping doors and windows closed, disposing food products appropriately, as well as simple changes in gardening architectures to avoid favourable conditions for the breeding of flies.

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