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What is a Cockroach?

A cockroach is an insect with long legs, antennae, and a broad flattened body that often resembles that of a beetle. It is important to eliminate a cockroach infestation as soon as possible as they have the ability to reproduce rapidly. A cockroach can lay 120-230 eggs in its lifetime, therefore having a couple of cockroaches inside your facility indicates the presence of thousands in the future.

There are over 25 species of cockroaches and more than 70 subtypes of them, who are all capable of causing allergies, contaminating food, and carrying disease-inducing microorganisms.

Cockroaches Control with Phantom

Phantom Pest Solutions has a lot of innovative methods of getting rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches control with our expert team would take different directions depending on the scale of infestation. Chemical or non-chemical cockroaches control treatments would be applied, including combinations, dust, aerosol sprays, baits and vacuum removal techniques. However, the cockroaches control used by Phantom Pest Solutions are often eco-friendly, and we try to refrain from using harsh chemicals on your living space.

Cockroaches are tough to kill off. This is because of the agility and quick multiplication of the creature, but Phantom Pest Solutions would make sure that our cockroaches extermination would ultimately provide you with a permanent solution. We are ready to offer you reasonable quotations for your cockroaches extermination project. You can learn more about the costs when you contact us to make an appointment, and once it is made, we will arrange tailor-made service plans for the elimination of your cockroaches problem.

Cockroach Control Methods

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches with Phantom Pest Solutions

Phantom Vancouver Pest Control solutions are effective, trustworthy and quick. Our pest control experts will guarantee that you would be getting rid of your cockroach problem

Our local pest control specialists will contact you, discuss the depth of your problem and schedule an appointment date and time. We offer you several options for cockroach control and also provide a flexible and bespoke solution to kill off the roaches that occupy your living space.

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Long-term Cockroaches Control Vancouver

Phantom Pest Solution is an authorized cockroach exterminator in Vancouver. We can apply the miraculous cockroach control treatments we have to your residential or commercial premises.

If the infestation is really heavy, we will make as many visits as it takes until we get the job done thoroughly. We also instruct you on how to prevent future cockroach attacks and how to get rid of them on your own if the invasion is small-scale.

Some helpful Tips to avoid future infestations

  • Keep the food stored in properly sealed containers. Clean any food remains off the floor and pantry before you go to sleep.
  • Do not keep garbage, paper piles, and cardboard boxes stored up in your house for long. These are ideal for the cockroaches to breed.
  • Do not let pipes and taps to leak overnight. Cockroaches love to feed on the insides of water pipes. Therefore we would give special attention to your drain system when we apply cockroaches control treatment.
  • Dispose of food and waste properly.

With Phantom Pest Control Solutions, you can be sure never to have cockroaches roaming around your place again. Call us today for a quote, and our pest exterminators will definitely bring the cockroaches issue to an end.

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