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Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control service is unparalleled and exceptional. We guarantee a quick pest control solution to your problem; regardless of how big or small your house is. Call Phantom Pest Solutions today to say goodbye to all your pest issues.

Business Pest Control Solution

Businesses are not immune to rodent or insect problems. Phantom Pest Solution’s certified commercial pest exterminators will customize our pest control programs to fits the unique needs of your business.

01. Environmentally Friendly

Using the latest methods of fumigation, effective use of approved pesticides and proven exclusion strategies – our pest control services outshine in quality and environmental friendly among other Vancouver pest control agencies.

02. Professional Service

Pest control services by Phantom are the way to go. Despite the type of pest infestation, the size or scale of it – we have a talented set of professionals to offer the best pest management services in town. Our prices are very reasonible, and the services are exceptional.

03. Pest Control Safety

We gaurantee maximum safety, latest methods and quick but lasting results. Just give a call to Phantom pest control solutions, Vancouver today itself. There is a friendly local pest management specialist waiting to serve you.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Vancouver | Pest Control Solutions For Residential and Business VancouverPest control services by Phantom have custom inspections to detect rodent presence and their breeding places. Once the rodents are inspected, our pest management specialists apply the latest solutions to get rid of rodents in your property. Phantom pest experts have special remote sensors and ultrasonic technologies to treat rodent infestations. As the leading pest control specialist in Vancouver, Phantom does not inflict a slow, painful death to rodents – because we use none of the traditional rat-killing methods. Pest management is not an unstepped ground for us because we have a lot of experience in the field. Rodent control with Phantom Pest Solutions is the best way to treat rodent infestations of your house, office or business space.

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Carpenter Ant Control

We have great pest management specialists who would cover everything from identifying the carpenter ants to killing them all. When most pest control services in Vancouver for carpenter ants limit to spraying aerosols, our scope at Phantom pest management is much more comprehensive.

We have special perimeter treatments, dust material treatments and nest detection and treatments to reduce and eliminate the carpenter ants’ colonies once and for all. The pest control solution goes even further into instructing you on efficient ways to keep ants away. The future carpenter ants threats would be completely eliminated. Phantom Pest Solutions examine every nook and corner of your residence – and make sure no carpenter ant goes free.

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Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs Control Vancouver | Pest Control Solutions For Residential and Business VancouverBed bug control has become a necessity with their rapidly multiplying population. Phantom Pest Solutions has many options for bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are hard to find, quick and flat – with an agility that only the professionals in pest control can defeat. The pest control services we have in order to eliminate bed bugs are of the best quality and highest professionalism. Heat treatments and bed bug fumigation are famous as the most efficient and eco-friendly methods of bed bug treatments. The speedy service of our pest control specialists is just one call away.

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Fly Control

Fly exclusion solutions, insect light traps, baits and liquid solutions are some of the fly control treatments we offer in Phantom Pest Solutions. Improper sanitation, wrong food and waste disposal methods can result in a fly infestation. Our pest control specialists not only remove flies but also destroy their breeding places and seal the possible entrances, so that your future is clear of pests. The Phantom Vancouver Pest Control also offers you any number of visits till your residence is entirely fly-free. Phantom is your official exterminator of flies with the novel methodology and expert advice.

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