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What Are Silverfish?

Sudden tidying-up decisions are universal among all of us. In your mission of doing it, have you ever lifted your mattresses, rearranged your clothes or dusted up the pages of your books to find quick, tear-drop shaped, fish-like insects disappearing into the corners?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are silvery light grey in colour. They have fish-like movement and appearance. They often linger in dark places where they feed on carbohydrates such as sugars or starches. Silverfish breed real quick. Therefore it is mandatory to know how to get rid of silverfish in the house.

Why are Silverfish Harmful?

The most significant harm silverfish can do to you is to damage your property, and we are talking about severe damage here. A silverfish population can eat the gum of book bindings, chew huge holes into paper, destroy your most cherished dresses, and create large, carvings into your wallpaper. However, fortunately, silverfish cannot transmit diseases like most of the members of the insect world can. Despite that, some people develop allergies to silverfish. A silverfish population, can attract other insects to the household as well.

Phantom’s Silverfish Control

Professional Extermination Service at Affordable Price

We at Phantom Pest Control Vancouver are known for our quick service. Once you spot a silverfish, it could be a sign of a hundred more of them. We have immediate customer service in our pest control company. Whenever you see that annoying silverfish in your house or workplace, you can contact us to have our professional extermination service.

Our price ranges would differ according to the silverfish infestation. Our silverfish exterminators will identify silverfish breeding and hiding places, and we can guarantee to provide you with an excellent silverfish control service as well as a detailed guide on how to get rid of silverfish by yourself in the future.

There is a reason why DIY silverfish control methods fail to give results. Even if your local store sells several products that claim they would effectively control silverfish, they never go further than killing individual silverfish. Most of the silverfish traps and sprays out there keep the silverfish away, but none can get rid of a large population or destroy their eggs. As silverfish is a small and quick creature with the capacity to breed in sonic speed, you need professional silverfish exterminators like us.

Permanent Solution to Silverfish

It is important to note that silverfish infestations may be heavier than expected thus multiple visits may be needed. It is also significant that our silverfish solutions include year-round protection from silverfish threats. We would also give our experts advice on how to keep silverfish away from your building at all times.

As a well-experienced pest control company, Phantom Pest Solution is now ready to take care of your silverfish problem. Phantom Pest Solutions has a lot of eco-friendly methods in controlling silverfish, and the size of the silverfish infestation is not at all an issue for us. We have the most effective ways of silverfish extermination, including chemical treatments, spray treatments, vacuuming treatments and several other proven pest control methods that were trusted for decades. As a cost-efficient pest control company with an honest, talented staff – Phantom Pest Solutions does a great job in getting rid of these fast-moving, irritating silverfish. We follow a simple four-step strategy in the process of our silverfish control.

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