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Wasp Nests in Hidden Places | Phantom Pest Control VancouverHave you noticed many wasps around your home, and are they preventing you from enjoying outdoor activities? If so, there are probably wasp nests on your property.

When a queen wasp starts building a nest and laying eggs, the nest is usually about the size of a golf ball. As the number of wasps increases, the nest can become the size of a football or bigger. In the summer, a mature nest can contain up to a thousand wasps. While they rarely go out of their way to cause harm, wasps will become aggressive if disturbed or threatened. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of the nest before the wasp numbers increase.

What shouldn’t you do when removing a wasp nest?

  1. Don’t hit the nest
    Bashing wasps triggers them to release pheromones that signal to nearby wasps that you are a threat. This significantly increases your risk of getting stung by numerous wasps.
  2. Don’t burn the nest
    Using fire to get rid of a wasp nest can prove to be both dangerous and unsuccessful. The nest’s paper-like cover is very flammable, and setting it ablaze can lead to you suffering from painful burns or your property catching fire. Fire might also not kill all the wasps, making the remaining ones extremely aggressive.
  3. Don’t use water
    Some believe that flooding a wasp nest is an effective way to get rid of wasps. But water will only irritate the wasps, increasing your risk of getting stung, and water, depending on how much you use, may damage your property.

How to get rid of a wasp nest

Wasp Nests Inside The Wall | Phantom Pest Control VancouverDisturbing a wasp nest is dangerous if you are allergic to wasp stings. Even if you aren’t allergic, being stung multiple times can be extremely painful. So, although removing a wasp nest on your own might seem easy enough, it would be wise to call a pest control professional for help.

Pest control professionals have the required expertise, products and protective gear to remove wasp nests.

Wasp nest removal in Vancouver

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