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5 Signs of Silverfish Infestation | Phantom Pest Control VancouverSilverfish are tiny, brown-grey or bluish-silver insects that are believed to be among the world’s most ancient creatures.

While silverfish may appear to be harmful, they do not bite, and there is no evidence to suggest they are poisonous or carry any harmful diseases, but the dust created by their shed skin can cause allergic reactions. Additionally, silverfish feed on sugar, carbohydrates and protein, and will enter your cupboards, where they can contaminate your food. Silverfish will also eat insulation, clothing, cardboard and human hair left lying around.

Silverfish need moisture to survive and are attracted to dark, humid areas. So be on the lookout for them in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and areas where there are leaks.

Pest Control Specialist Using Light To Discover Pest InfestationTo reduce the likelihood of a silverfish infestation, reduce moisture in your home. Look for leaking pipes and fix them. Consider using a dehumidifier where there is condensation and use ventilation fans while cooking or taking a shower.

Storing food in sealable containers and regularly cleaning will limit the access silverfish have to food and make them less likely to invade your home. Frequent vacuuming will remove silverfish and eggs that may be hiding in your carpets.

How to identify a silverfish infestation

Below are some signs you are dealing with a silverfish infestation.

1. Live silverfish

The most obvious sign that you have silverfish is seeing live insects. However, silverfish can be so small you can easily miss them. Furthermore, because silverfish are nocturnal, they mostly come out while people are asleep.

Seeing silverfish does not always mean there is an infestation, but it warrants a pest control inspection.

2. Silverfish droppings

Silverfish droppings are unusual and, if you do not know what to look for, the droppings can be hard to identify. The excrement of silverfish resembles small whole peppercorns and can often be found in books, newspaper piles, damp areas and corners.

3. Shed skin

Unlike most insects, silverfish shed their skin throughout their adult lives. These delicate shells can be difficult to notice, but they look like the husks of a bug upon close inspection.

4. Silverfish damage

Have you noticed holes in boxes, books, clothing and wallpaper? You might be dealing with a silverfish infestation.

5. Yellow stains

If you notice yellow stains around your home, along with any of the other signs mentioned above, you likely have a silverfish problem.

When to call a pest control professional

It can be challenging to get rid of silverfish. So if you have a silverfish infestation, your best option is to seek help from a pest control professional. A pest control expert will know what treatment to use to kill both silverfish and their eggs. They can also advise on how to reduce the likelihood of reinfestation.

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