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No matter where you live, rodent infestations can be a big problem for those who own vehicles. Rodents may make a nest in a vehicle when it’s stripped down for repairs or if the owner doesn’t use it very often. Due to this, vehicle owners may wonder how they can prevent rats and mice from causing permanent damage and how to practice effective rodent control.

Below are a few simple ways to get rid of rats and mice that live in your vehicle.

1. Use Rodent Repellent

Using Rodent Repellent For Your Car To Remove Rats or Mice | Phantom Pest Control Vancouver

Rats and mice are repelled by certain scents. Therefore, if you have an infestation in your vehicle, one method you can utilize is spraying your car with a rodent repellent.

Rodent repellant sprays can be used throughout your vehicle in any space that a rat or mouse may attempt to nest, such as the car’s interior, engine bay or trunk. You can also spray rodent repellent around the vehicle if it is parked in a garage.

2. Clean the Inside of the Vehicle Regularly

Removing Food Sources to Prevent Rodent Activity in Your Vehicle | Phantom Pest Control

Rats and mice build nests where they can easily access food and water, so do not allow food and beverage containers to sit in your car for a long period of time. Also, regularly vacuum the interior of your vehicle to ensure food scraps aren’t left lying around.

Removing food sources will go a long way in getting of rats or mice.

After you have gotten rid of an infestation, you should still make a point of cleaning your car on a regular basis, especially dark areas of the vehicle that are potential nesting spots, to prevent rodents from returning.

3. Use Bright Lighting

When rats look for places to nest, they will search for dark, enclosed areas, as this is where they feel the safest. Therefore, in order to scare rats or mice away, leave a light on in your garage with the hood open to discourage nesting. If you must park your vehicle outside, try to park it in a brightly lit area and open the hood every now and then.

Get Rid of Rodents by Hiring Phantom Pest Control

While you can get rid of rodents on your own, some infestations may require more work to get rid of completely. Why not hire a pest control professional to assist you?

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