Rodent control can be a source of contention between the landlord and their tenants. It’s a huge inconvenience for either party who may have to foot the bill for an unexpected expense. Mice are also a nightmare, as one female can give birth to six to eight pups every 25 days. They can spread diseases such as leptospirosis, destroy property, and promote a state of uneasiness. In addition to the cost of rodent removal, there may be medical bills and items to replace.

So who is ultimately responsible for ridding the rental property of mice? The short answer is the landlord, as it’s their property after all. However, there are a few instances where the tenant may be held accountable. Read on to learn what is expected of landlords and tenants.

Expectations of the Landlord

It’s incumbent on the landlord to provide a habitable place for tenants. It’s also the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property so that it is attractive to tenants. Therefore, it is in the landlord’s best interest to hire a pest control company if there’s a mouse infestation.

The best time to hire a rodent control service is before renting. The rodent control experts will mouseproof the property, which prevents mice from entering. The second best time to hire rodent control is immediately after the tenant discovers a mouse. The experts will use the necessary pest control methods to completely rid the home of mice and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Expectations of the Tenant

Does your contract or lease agreement explicitly outline that you could be held accountable if there’s an infestation? If you don’t empty your garbage every day, leave food out in the open, and don’t keep the place clean, the landlord could assume that you are at fault. Thus, they could ask you to pay the rodent control company.

Even if there is no such clause, you may be held responsible if the landlord can prove that the mouse infestation is a result of your unsanitary practices. Moreover, they can evict you or seek legal action against you if you ignore their request to handle the mouse infestation.

Mouse Control in Vancouver

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