You might have experienced the spasm of a bed bug bite once or twice in some places that you haven’t suspected. Just because it looks clean and tidy, it does not necessarily say the site is entirely free of bed bugs. If you are suffering from bed bug troubles, you know that among all kinds of pests, bed bugs are a tricky sort of insect. However, luckily, we have a solution that will release you from your bed bug problem. Let’s go through this methodically.

First Things First

Bed Bugs Control with Phantom Pest Control
The simplest thing in getting rid of bed bugs is prevention. If you do not have a bed bug problem(doesn’t mean you won’t), you can evade the chances of getting your home infested with a bed bug. Basically, bed bugs do not just spontaneously occur but come from somewhere that was originally infested. So you can start by avoiding such origins. One thing to do is avoid buying reconditioned stuff for your home furniture, carpets, etc. There can be a decent chance of containing bed bug or their eggs in them, and you can never tell.

Even if you didn’t buy second-hand, bed bugs could still invade your home in some other ways. For instance, if you went somewhere that has bed bugs, they can come along with you hanging on to your clothes. So you have to be careful in cleaning your clothes so that none of them escapes into your home if you have been somewhere you suspect to be infested with bed bugs.

How to Identify

Bed Bug LifecycleYou could have possibly thought that bed bugs occur and live in dirty and untidy spaces in your place. However, this is not entirely true because bed bugs do not occur in any position except for transporting from one place to another via means of travelling. Dirty and untidy spaces help bed bugs to survive. If you are searching for bed bug infestations in your home or workplace, it is best to start with the dirty ones.

Well, to correctly affirm if you have bed bugs is to have seen them or having bit by them. Since bed bugs are not microscopic, they can be seen to the naked eye. First, you can search for bed bugs in places they possibly be. Under sofa cushions, along their seams, inside the mattress/cushion cover, the edges of carpets, curtains or any other possible places. They are diurnal avoiders. So it could be hard to find out bed bug hideouts. You can spot them also by bed bug waste. Do you see small rust or brown stain or patches in your furniture? Then you might be having some bed bug problems.

What is the most annoying thing about bed bugs? That’s right. They are biting. Bed bug bites leave itchy, red and swollen spots patches in the skin with a black dot in the middle. You can see them occur in places uncovered by your clothes and in clusters.

Do It Yourself?

You can find a ton of doing-it-yourself options displayed on Google, but the problem is that they don’t offer a permanent or a lasting opportunity to keep your home bed bug-free. You can identify the places bed bugs mostly can be seen and clear out the area periodically. Another option is scrubbing and vacuuming. This will help you remove the eggs of bed bugs. You can try drying in high temperatures too.

Why isn’t DIY Wholly Successful?

It cannot be said that DIY is not practical. It is. However, it’s only temporary. For example, even if you scrubbed and vacuumed your furniture and clothes, there might still be and will continue to be bed bugs probably because you did not clear out the cause of the problem. Your home should be an uninviting environment for bed bugs to live because bed bugs survive on blood; they’ll always live near you. Entirely cleaning your place until there is none of them left will not ultimately work as you, yourself can again be the one to bring one home from another infestation. So for better and lasting clearance, call the professionals.

Are You Looking for Bed Bugs Control in Vancouver?

To make your home, workplace bedbug-free, you need to call professional pest control services. Professional exterminators, such as Phantom Pest Control Vancouver, use a diverse range of applications to prevent bed bugs from occurring and their survival. To create unappealing conditions for further bed bug infestations, many particular chemicals are in professional exterminators’ use to make your place bedbug-proof. They know how to identify the origins and places bed bugs hide during the daytime and how and which chemicals to use incorrect and sufficient dosages. For bigger cases, treatments such as fumigation are required, and only a licensed exterminator can perform fumigation. So many insecticides and pesticides are not available for consumers that are with pest control service providers.

You can ease professionals’ work in some primary ways. Keeping the house or the workplace clean and tidy minimizes the opportunities for bed bugs to hide. For this task, you can vacuum cleaning or steam cleaning to clear the place. With professional help, you can have your home without bed bugs all year long.

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