There are several pests that householders can encounter, and unfortunately, some of them, like rodents and insects, can pose health risks if you do not deal with the problem immediately.

Listed below are common pests homeowners will encounter and the dangers you should be aware of when dealing with an infestation.

1-2. Rats and Mice

When rats and mice gain entry to your home, they bring with them significant health risks. Rats and mice can spread various diseases, including hantavirus and leptospirosis, which can be life-threatening.

Rats and mice will search in earnest for food, meaning they will generally seek entry in your cupboards, pantry, even your fridge and other areas where you store your food. They can contaminate your food supply and surfaces with their saliva, urine and feces. Also, if they feel threatened, rats and mice might react by biting or scratching, which can cause serious health issues. You can contract diseases if you improperly handle the bodies of dead rats or mice as well.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches pose a risk to your health, as they regularly shed skin, which turns into airborne allergens when left unattended.

Cockroaches also multiply quickly, tend to originate from unclean locations (sewers, streets, etc.) and leave fecal matter in their tracks, spreading harmful bacteria wherever they go.

4. Stinging Insects

Infestations from hornets, wasps and other stingers are quite dangerous, as stinging insects inject venom into the body, causing toxic or allergic reactions. For those with severe allergies, an insect sting can lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition.

5. Biting Insects

The bites of insects such as fleas, bed bugs and similar pests can cause swelling, pain, itchiness. In rare cases, an insect bite can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, biting insects can be dangerous pests to have in your home.

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